What is the Weekly Challenge?

Every week, you can earn additional Rewards Points based on the total cash games you play during the week!

You may view your progress in the Weekly Challenge via My Promotions:


The Weekly Challenge "tiers" are:

Total Games Played Rewards Points Awarded
5 15
15 50
40 150
80 300
150 600
300 1,250
500 2,250
750 3,500
1,000 5,000


The Weekly Challenge Rewards Points bonuses for games played during the previous week are awarded every Sunday (usually by mid-afternoon).

Maximum of 1 Weekly Challenge bonus per user per week. For example, if you play 160 cash games during the week, you would receive 600 Rewards Points for the Weekly Challenge.

*5,000 Rewards Points is the maximum amount available for the Weekly Challenge. Week starts Sunday (12:00:00am ET) and ends Saturday (11:59:59pm ET). FreePlay tournaments do not count toward the Total Games Played.