Why am I being asked to re-submit my location information when I've been previously approved?

You will be required to submit your location information whenever the site recognizes that you may be residing in, visiting, or passing through a restricted state or your Internet Protocol (IP) Address is being routed through a restricted state.

Even if you've been previously approved to play, you may encounter the prompt again when the site detects that your location/IP Address has changed.

You would be required to re-submit your location information for an additional review. There is no way to permanently "allow" players, nor can the Fraud and Risk Department make manual changes to addresses within the system.

The most common reason - Your ISP may be using a “dynamic” IP address for you which means your IP address may change regularly - even multiple times per day. You would have to provide location information even if you were previously approved, as a submission is required for each new individual IP.