Account Inactivity/Maintenance Fee

An Inactive account is a Cash Member account in which there has been no login on WorldWinner (for free or for cash) in 6 consecutive months.

Once an account is inactive for 6 consecutive months, all available Game Credits and Bonus Bucks will expire. In addition, a maintenance fee of $3.50 will be assessed for each month of "inactivity" until the Real Money balance reaches $0 (zero dollars). When the account's Real Money balance reaches $0 (zero dollars), the Monthly Maintenance Fee will be suspended.

Logging into your account at any point during "inactivity" will stop the "inactivity" period - no additional Maintenance Fees will be applied until/if the account becomes inactive in the future.

WorldWinner may, but is not obligated to, notify account owners via e-mail of their inactivity and the imposition of the Monthly Maintenance Fee.