Two Dots (App exclusive)

Game Goal

Achieve the objectives on three levels before time runs out. Objectives include clearing a certain number of dots of the same color, clearing a number of special dots like anchors or magnets, clearing ice from the level, and covering the level with water. Every level is different!

Game Rules

Score points by connecting two or more dots of the same color to clear them from the board. You can connect a path of dots even if the path turns corners. You can’t connect dots diagonally.

Every Two Dots game contains multiple levels with different obstacles and objectives. Complete the objectives of a level to move on to the next level. If you complete all levels before the timer runs out, you’ll earn a time bonus at the end of the match. You’ll also get a bonus for each level you complete.

The most powerful strategy of Two Dots is to make squares. Connecting dots to form a square (or rectangle) will remove all dots of that color from the board. With one color removed from the board, you’ll be set up to make even more squares! When in doubt, make squares.

Connect dots to make a big square around one or more dots, and the dots in the center will turn into bombs that clear more surrounding dots from the board.


There are many different obstacles and special dots that can appear in a game:

  • Anchors - Some levels feature anchors that must be cleared. To clear an anchor, drop it to the bottom of the board by clearing dots beneath it, or set off a bomb next to the anchor.
  • Blank Dots - Blank dots are wild. You can connect them to any colored dot.
  • Fire Dots - To remove a fire dot, clear a dot next to it. If you make a move that doesn’t put out at least one fire dot, then the fire will spread to an adjacent dot. Once you clear all the fire dots from the board, none will return.
  • Ice Blocks - An ice block needs to be cracked three times to clear it. To crack an ice block, clear the dot that’s inside of it.
  • Gems - Activate gems by making a square of the same color. An activated gem will clear out an entire row or column of dots and obstacles. Square-shaped gems will clear both the row and the column!
  • Magnets - Clear a pair of magnets by connecting them to each other. You can move a magnet by connecting it to any color dot. It will move to the end of the path of dots that you clear.
  • Beetles - Clear beetles by connecting them with dots of the same color three times. Beetles will move one space if you don’t use them in a connection.
  • Water - Some levels require you to fill all the spaces with water. Make dot connections next to the water cells to spread it and fill the maze.
  • Slime - Some levels require you to remove all the slime. Connect dots inside the slime twice to defeat it.
  • Blocks - Some levels start with blocks. A block prevents dots above it from falling. To remove a block, connect dots next to it.
  • Directional Blocks - These work like blocks but they are harder to remove. Clear a directional block by connecting dots on the correct side of it.
  • Lotus Dots - Lotus dots automatically connect and clear dots of the same color that land next to them.


You always have access to two power-ups during the game:
Bomb Drop - The bomb drop power-up blasts the board with a random number of bombs.
Eraser - Touch any dot to remove it. This can be a powerful way to set up a square.

Game Controls

Tap and drag on the screen to connect dots, then remove your finger to complete the line. Tap power-ups, then tap the board to use them.

Game Scoring

Dots & Board Elements

You earn points for each dot or board element removed / interacted with.

Time Bonus

If you complete all of the levels before the timer runs out, you’ll earn 10 points for each second remaining on the clock.

Level Bonus

For every level completed, you earn bonus points:

  • Earn 50 points for completing level 1
  • Earn 100 points for completing level 2
  • Earn 150 points for completing level 3

So if all three levels are completed, your level bonus will be 300 points.