How do I get to the tournaments?

Immediately after registering, you'll be asked to play a few free practice games before being able to venture off on your own:


Click the Play Now! button for the game of your choice. Click on the categories on the left hand side to view other game titles that WorldWinner offers.

You'll play a few quick head-to-head tournaments with some worthy opponents and once you've finished, you'll be brought to the WorldWinner homepage where you can access the various tournaments and check out other fun things on the site.

Click on the game title of your choice to view what tournaments are available:


As a newly registered player, by default, the tournament listings page will only show the free tournament offerings. To view the entire list of tournaments available for that game, click Show all.


You'll only be able to play the tournaments that show an Enter button. To access the Cash tournaments you'll have to upgrade your account.