What is Guaranteed Prizing?

In Limited Entry, Super Rewards and Premium tournaments, if your cash tournament does not close/fill up within 72 hours after opening (which is relevant to the time when the first player began his/her entry), but has at least 1 other participant, the tournament will automatically close and the full prize pool would be paid out.

Items to note regarding Guaranteed Prizing:

  • Our guaranteed prize commitment only applies to Limited Entry, Super Rewards and Premium tournament types.
  • Guaranteed Prizing only applies to tournaments (defined above) that were not completely filled.
  • In the event a tournament has only 1 unique participant, regardless of how many entries that person may have submitted, we will fully refund all of the entry fees after the tournament has been open for 48 hours - not a guaranteed prize.
  • In 2-player tournaments, if there is only 1 unique participant, we will refund the entry fee after 48 hours instead of 72 hours.