What is Guaranteed Prizing?

By popular demand, we have started to implement Guaranteed Prizing in select tournaments on WorldWinner, starting July 11, 2018.

Prior to this recent upgrade, tournaments that had closed without full participation would award a prorated percentage of the accumulated prize pool, not the full prize amount.

Beginning on July 11, 2018, Limited Entry, Super Rewards and Premium tournaments, if your cash tournament does not close/fill up within 48 hours after opening (which is relevant to the time when the first player began his/her entry), but has at least 1 other participant, the tournament will automatically close and the full prize pool would be paid out.

Items to note regarding Guaranteed Prizing:

  • Our guaranteed prize commitment only applies to Limited Entry, Super Rewards and Premium tournament types.
  • Guaranteed Prizing does NOT apply to Unlimited Entry tournaments.
  • Guaranteed Prizing only applies to tournaments (defined above) that were not completely filled.
  • In the event a tournament has only 1 unique participant, regardless of how many entries that person may have submitted, we will fully refund all of the entry fees after the tournament has been open for 48 hours - not a guaranteed prize.
  • In 2-player tournaments, if there is only 1 unique participant, we will refund the entry fee after 24 hours instead of 48 hours.