SwapIt2 Tips

Here are some general strategies/tips to potentially improve your SwapIt2 scores:

  • You get more points for forming groups of 4 in a row, or 5 in a row, so keep an eye out for the opportunity to make those.
  • You also get more points for making two simultaneous groups. For example, by making a single swap, it is sometimes possible to form two groups of three in a "T" shape or an "L" shape. So keep any eye open for those as well.
  • If you don't immediately see a legal swap, pick one of the items, and search around the playing area just looking for a match using that item. If you don't spot anything in short order, pick a different item, and repeat.
  • Groups formed near the bottom of the screen will move more items, and will therefore have a greater chance of setting off a chain of formation/removals.
  • It is possible to earn more points than the goal in a round if your last match is worth more points than you need and cascades can add to this. Make the last swap of the match a good one to maximize your score!