Troubles with Adobe Flash?

Some of the games on require Adobe Flash to play. You will need to "allow" Adobe Flash to run on your computer before being able to successfully play some games.

Here are some helpful tips to troubleshoot possible Adobe Flash issues:

  • ENABLE ADOBE FLASH - In order for you to successfully play some WorldWinner games you will need to have Adobe Flash enabled on your browser. If you don't have Adobe Flash enabled you may encounter a message asking you to update your Adobe Flash player.
  • UPDATE ADOBE FLASH - It is strongly recommended that users update Adobe Flash whenever prompted for an improved Flash experience.
  • CLEAR ADOBE FLASH CACHE - You may need to clear your Adobe Flash player cache and settings. Like your web browsers, Adobe Flash stores data to improve loading times when returning to sites/playing additional games in the future. Sometimes this can "clog" your Flash player, resulting in unwanted technical difficulties. Go here for additional steps on how to clear your Flash player cache/settings.

Here are some additional links for each browser to help troubleshoot any Adobe Flash issues: