PAC-MAN™ (App exclusive)

Game Goal

Eat all of the dots on each level to advance to the next one. Don’t let the ghosts catch you, or you’ll lose a life (and some points). However, if you eat a Power-Pellet, the ghosts will become vulnerable for a short time and you can eat them too! Gobble up fruit and other bonus items for extra points.

Tournament Modes

Our PAC-MAN tournaments come in three difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The difficulty determines the size of the mazes and how many ghosts will be in each maze. Easy tournaments will usually be smaller mazes with fewer ghosts while Hard tournaments will almost always be large mazes with all four ghosts.

On certain occasions, we’ll also run “Classic” tournaments. These are set up similar to the original PAC-MAN game -- the classic PAC-MAN maze layout with all four ghosts.

Game Rules

In this game the players control PAC­-MAN who is trying to eat all of the pac-­dots while escaping from a variety of ghosts that try to catch him. The player wants to score as many points as possible while clearing a series of mazes before time runs out.

The Mazes

Mazes are a series of corridors that PAC­-MAN and the Ghosts navigate. There are different maze layouts and sizes, changing each game.

Each maze is populated by pac-­dots. Eating pac-dots scores points and when PAC-­MAN eats all the pac-­dots in a maze, that maze is cleared and PAC-­MAN moves on to a new maze. Once all mazes are cleared the game ends.

There are also special pac­-dots that give PAC­-MAN the ability to eat ghosts for a short duration. These special pac-­dots are called Power­-Pellets.

Periodically “Fruits” will appear that will give PAC­-MAN a high amount of points if eaten. A fruit appears after PAC­-MAN has eaten more than 50% of the pellets in the maze. A fruit that has not been eaten will disappear when the maze is completed.

Game Speed

As pellets are eaten, the game speeds up. PAC-­MAN and the ghosts will increase their speed by 10% each time a certain number of pac-dots are eaten. If PAC-­MAN dies, the Ghosts and PAC­MAN reduce speed by 10% up to to a minimum base speed.­ The ghosts and PAC­MAN will never go below their base speed. The increment of speed of the Red Ghost is special, because this Ghost also increases his speed as the timer approaches 0.


Ghosts spawn periodically from the ghost house in the center of the maze. The ghosts are trying to catch PAC-MAN and if they touch him he will die, unless he has eaten a Power-Pellet.

Each of the four ghosts have a different personality which changes the way they move:

  • The Red Ghost is Blinky or “Shadow”, he will follow PAC-MAN.
  • The Pink Ghost is Pinky or “Speedy”, he will try to get ahead of PAC-MAN.
  • The Blue Ghost is Inky or “Bashful”, he is fickle and unpredictable, switching between chasing and trying to get ahead.
  • The Orange Ghost is Clyde or “Pokey”, he is aloof, he will chase PAC-MAN but loses interest easily.

When PAC-MAN dies the ghosts return to the ghost house and PAC-MAN respawns in the middle of the maze. Unlike the classic arcade game, the player will never run out of lives but the player loses 500 points each time PAC-MAN dies.


To control PAC-­MAN the player simply swipes in the direction they want PAC­MAN to move at the next maze junction. Swiping before the actual turn allows PAC­MAN to “corner” that turn and move slightly faster. You can see a queued turn as a small green arrow next to PAC-MAN pointing in the direction of the turn.


Points are earned for eating certain objects in the maze.

Points earned for eating ghosts is based on how many ghosts are eaten with a single Power-Pellet. When the Power-Pellet wears off or if another Power-Pellet is eaten then the count resets.

Speed Bonus
If the player completes all the mazes with time left on the clock, the player earns 50 points per second remaining.

Strategy Tips

  • The tunnels on the edges of each map will slow Ghosts down if they chase you through.
  • Some of the Fruits (such as the pineapple) are worth a lot of points. Eat them whenever you can!
  • Be sure to use your Power-Pellets to eat some Ghosts before you clear each level!
  • The game gradually speeds up with each dot PAC-MAN eats, but it slows down again if PAC-MAN dies.
  • PAC-MAN will turn corners more quickly if you swipe before he actually gets to the turn.