Are there any restrictions to the Rewards Multiplier?

The Multiplier does not apply to the following Rewards Point transactions:

  • Entries into Super Rewards Tournaments
  • Survival Tournament Registration
  • Mega Tournament Registration
  • Ladder Registration
  • Ladder Challenges
  • Ladder Awards (for holding a high position on a ladder)
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Rewards Point "bonuses" such as those given for weekly play and lifetime milestones

If your Premier Club Rewards Multiplier is active when a site-wide Multiplier is running, we'll temporarily pause your Rewards Multiplier timer. The timer will resume when the site-wide multiplier ends – so you still get all 24 hours of your benefit. Category or game-specific multipliers will not pause your clock, in which case only the higher of the two will be applied.