Super Plinko™ Tips

Here are a couple tips to potentially improve your scores in Super Plinko:

  • Golden pegs are worth 1,000 points each. Remove all five to earn an extra Plinko Chip!
  • The golden prize is worth 3,000 points. Aim for that bucket first!
  • If you can collect all four prizes on a single level, you'll earn a huge bonus of 4,000 points.
  • Sometimes you'll need to clear obstacles out of the way before you can hit a certain prize bucket.
  • Once you collect all four prizes on a level, a special 2,500-point bonus bucket will appear.
  • You only have 10 seconds to drop each Plinko Chip. Don't wait too long or you'll lose one.
  • The value of blue and pink obstacles increases each time one is hit. Try to hit a bunch with a single drop.
  • Some levels have moving obstacles on them. For best results, time your shot carefully.
  • For a high score, try to collect all of the prizes and remove all five golden pegs on each level.
  • Place the chip higher on the screen for a more powerful drop or lower for less power.