Here are a few game tips to potentially improve your scores in PAC-MAN™:

  • Control Pac-Man by swiping anywhere on the screen in the direction you'd like to turn.
  • Pac-Man will turn corners more quickly if you swipe before he actually gets to the turn.
  • For maximum points, try to eat all of the Ghosts each time you activate a Power Pellet.
  • Blinky, the red Ghost, will chase behind Pac-Man and is faster than the other Ghosts.
  • Pinky, the pink Ghost, will try to get ahead of Pac-Man to cut him off.
  • Inky, the blue Ghost, coordinates with Blinky to try and surround Pac-Man.
  • Each of the four Ghosts has a different strategy for trying to catch Pac-Man.
  • Clyde, the orange Ghost, follows Pac-Man but will try to run away if he gets too close.
  • Eating sundaes will earn you bonus points, but they also slow Pac-Man down.
  • If you see the five B-O-N-U-S letters on the screen, eat them quickly for a huge score bonus!
  • The game gradually speeds up with each dot Pac-Man eats, but it slows down again if Pac-Man dies.
  • Conveyor belts will drastically speed Pac-Man up or slow him down, depending on the direction.
  • The tunnels on the edges of each map will slow Ghosts down if they chase you through.
  • Locked gates can be opened by eating a key of the corresponding color.
  • Some of the Fruits (such as the pineapple) are worth a lot of points. Eat them whenever you can!
  • When Pac-Man dies, he loses speed and you lose points.
  • Be sure to use your Power Pellets to eat some Ghosts before you clear each level!
  • Finish all of the levels as fast as you can. You'll earn 50 points for each second left on the clock!