Troubles Creating A New Password?

Here are a few causes as to why you are having difficulties when attempting to create a new WorldWinner password:

The password you are attempting to use does not meet the criteria.


  • 8 Character Minimum
  • 1 Lowercase Letter
  • 1 Uppercase Letter
  • 1 Number

The Username you are entering is incorrect.

You must enter your complete Username in the Username section of the Change Your Password form. Many players have registered on WorldWinner via a "partner" site (MyPoints, InboxDollars, InboxPounds, etc).

If you registered on WorldWinner via a "partner" site then you may have an extension on your username, for example - .myp, .ids, .ibp, .gsn. Make sure that you add the correct extension to the Username if you've registered through a "partner" site.

You have multiple accounts.

Players may have multiple accounts on WorldWinner for a variety of reasons. Having multiple accounts is a major cause of username/password issues and is generally not recommended.

If you are shown multiple Usernames when going through the Forgot Password? flow, please make sure that the Username you selected in the Forgot Password? flow is the Username that you are entering in the Change Your Password form.

For security purposes, the Username is not shown/included in the Password Reset email.

If you continue to have difficulties accessing your account, please Contact Support. When contacting Support please make sure to specify as much information as possible related to the account you are trying to access.