Will my account be the same on both WorldWinner.com on the web and on the WorldWinner Mobile App?

Yes! Your account would be the same on both WorldWinner.com and on the WorldWinner Mobile App.

You would use the same Username and Password to log in and all of your Game Credit/Real Money balances and Rewards Points balances would be the exact same.

There are a few limitations/differences that you may notice when playing on the WorldWinner Mobile App:

  • Limited Games - There are currently only 8 of our popular games available in the mobile app at this time. More to come in the future!
  • Rewards Points Redemptions - Rewards Points can only be redeemed for Game Credits at this time.
  • Account Preferences - Players cannot make any changes to their email address, email settings, username changes, player profiles, buddy list, etc.
  • Billing Preferences - Players cannot make any edits to their saved payment methods or delete any inactive/unavailable payment methods. 
  • No Account Statement - To view your complete transaction history, you will need to access the Account Statement via the WorldWinner website.

Our Mobile Engineers are aware of these limitations and will continue to make improvements/additions to the WorldWinner Mobile App. To access the full options/services/games that are available, it is recommended that you log into WorldWinner via www.worldwinner.com on the web.