How to Request an Entry Fee Refund

Unfortunately, we can't provide any guarantees that users will never experience troubles while playing cash tournaments in the WorldWinner Mobile App. There are numerous factors that could cause issues and may be a normal experience for some depending on the strength of your connection.

If you encounter a technical issue while playing a cash tournament that affects your ability to successfully play your entry, please submit a request to the WorldWinner Mobile Support Team to request a review of the entry and potential refund of the entry fee that was paid.

To properly submit an Entry Fee Refund request to WorldWinner Mobile Support:

  1. Click/tap the Contact Support button in Help.
  2. In Category, select WorldWinner Mobile App.
  3. Select the Game that you had issues with.
  4. Provide a Subject and Description of the issue. (If possible, please include the Tournament ID# for the tournament that you had difficulties with.)

General response time is within 1-2 business days.

WorldWinner cannot be held responsible for issues experienced beyond our control. A refund request may be denied if there is no evidence in the game logs to indicate that the issues experienced were caused due to WorldWinner internal systems.

All Entry Fee credits will be awarded in Game Credits, not Real Money. Game Credits can be used to enter additional cash tournaments - they cannot be withdrawn.