Tetris® Burst Tips

Here are some general tips to help increase your scores:

  • Tap the Hold space to save a Tetrimino for later. Tap again to free it.
  • Drop an I-Tetrimino into a deep well to clear four lines at once.
  • Earn combo points by getting multiple Line Clears in a row.
  • Drag the Ghost Piece around to find the best fit.
  • In Power-up mode, watch the Juice Meter. If time's running out, don't let a power-up go to waste!
  • Clear multiple lines at once for more points.
  • Drag closer to the Blocks for more precise rotation and placement.
  • Do a T-Spin by rotating a T-Tetrimino into a T-shaped slot.
  • Earn a Back-to-Back bonus when you achieve multiple T-Spins or Tetris Clears in a row.
  • In Power-Up tournaments, activate Mino Rain to clear the whole board and earn a ton of points!