Keep these tips in mind to improve your scores in SCRABBLE Cubes:

  • Earn bonus points for making longer words.
  • Add the letter S to form plurals.
  • Add ER, ED, and ING to lengthen your words.
  • Use the most valuable letters on "Double Letter" and "Triple Letter" bonus cubes.
  • Save "Double Word" and "Triple Word" bonuses for the most valuable words you can form.
  • You can connect letters diagonally as well as along the edges of a cube.
  • A cube will disappear after it has been used in three different words.
  • Double-tap to remove an unwanted cube from the board.
  • Words with fewer than three letters or more than seven letters are not permitted.
  • Names and other proper nouns are not considered valid words in SCRABBLE Cubes.