Why do I need to resubmit my location information?

Players will be required to submit their location information whenever the site recognizes that the player is residing in, visiting, or passing through a restricted state or the player's Internet Protocol (IP) Address is being routed through a restricted state.

Even if you've previously submitted and the location information previously submitted was approved by the Fraud and Risk department, you may encounter the location prompt when the system detects that your IP Address has changed. You would need to resubmit your location information for an additional review.

There is no way to permanently "allow" players, nor can the Fraud and Risk Department make manual changes to addresses within the system, so you would be required to submit your location information for review when prompted.

You should contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) directly to inquire about possibly changing your IP Address from "dynamic" to "static" so that the IP Address doesn't change on a frequent basis.