What are the differences between the types of tournaments?

WorldWinner offers an ever-growing and constantly changing array of tournaments* to keep things fresh and exciting for our players. Here is some general information about the varying tournament types that are offered:
  • Warm-Up - Practice for free before competing for cash. Available to all players.
  • Limited Entry - Predetermined number of entries, opponents, and prizes. Tournament closes once the last player completes their game.
  • Unlimited Entry - Fixed entry fees and predetermined, fixed prizes that are not directly funded by the entry fees spent or number of participants. These tournaments may award prizes in cash or merchandise and may have unique game content such as special themes/boards.
  • Super Rewards - Same as Limited Entry tournaments (predetermined number of entries, opponents, and prizes), but you’ll earn more Rewards Points per entry.
  • Premium - Higher entry fee, more Rewards Points, and bigger prize payouts. Predetermined number of entries, opponents, and prizes.
  • Progressives - Prize pools start big and increase with each new entry! Progressives start and end at specified times, with no limits on total entries. Players enter as many times as they'd like, and only their highest score determines their final standing. Players are placed in different skill divisions, each with separate standings, prize pools, and payouts.
  • Progressive Rush - A hybrid of Limited Entry and Progressive tournaments. Players enter as many times as they’d like, and the prize pool grows with each new entry. Tournament duration varies, from 30 minutes to 24 hours. In the Final Countdown stage, no new players can enter, and only players who previously entered can re-enter.
  • Ladders - Players compete head-to-head against other players. Challenge a higher-ranked player and climb the Ladder! Click View Details on the tournament listings page for more information regarding the structure and prize payouts for each particular Ladder.
  • Ladder Seeding Event - A Ladder Seeding Event takes place just prior to the launch of a Ladder tournament. The results are used to establish each participant's starting position when the Ladder begins.
  • Survivals - Large, single-elimination tournaments. An entry fee is paid for the first round, and all subsequent rounds are free. Each round is a two-player game; the winner advances and the loser is eliminated. Prizes are awarded after every round, and prizes increase with each round. The tournament ends when one player "survives" a set number of rounds and all other players have been eliminated. Players are matched on a first-come, first-serve basis, not by skill levels/rankings.
  • Mega Events - Awards Mega Points every time a player competes in select cash tournaments for the featured game title (s). There is a registration fee (usually $1); once registered, we’ll track your Mega Event points. Collect the most Mega Event points during the entire span of the Mega Tournament to win big!
  • Player to Player - Players can send direct game challenges to other players. The player who initiates the challenge will select the Game Title and the Time Allotted for the challenged player to play their entry. There are no Player-to-Player challenges available for cash and/or prizes.
 *Some tournament offerings, including Unlimited Entry and Progressive Rush, may only be available for "Legacy" accounts. "Legacy" accounts are defined as cash accounts that were upgraded prior to 8/1/17.