I didn't receive the Tokens I purchased. What happened?

At GSN we are very conscientious about credit/debit card security and we have implemented multiple checks to verify billing information provided is correct. If you attempted to purchase Tokens or in-game boosts and the item was not credited to your account balance (after 30 minutes), we recommend that you verify the following before attempting to make an additional purchase:

  • The billing address you entered is the same billing address that the issuing bank/credit card company has on file
  • There are enough funds available on the card
  • The payment method that you are attempting to use hasn't been previously used on a different GSN account
  • The payment method has not been reported stolen or missing
When you attempt to make a Token and/or in-game boost purchase, GSN places a temporary authorization hold (in the amount of your purchase) on the funds available on your credit/debit card. In the event that the purchase attempt is rejected, GSN will notify the issuing bank/credit card company requesting to release the authorization hold. The issuing bank/credit card company should then release the hold which may take an additional 1-5 business days (depending on the processing time of the issuing bank/credit card company). If you do not see that the authorization hold is lifted by the issuing bank/credit card company after 5 business days then it is highly recommended that you contact the issuing bank/credit card company directly to see if there is delay on their end.
GSN is unable to speed up the process of releasing the authorization holds. Please be aware that it may take 30-45 business days for an authorization hold to be lifted from a gift or pre-paid credit/debit card. Please refer to the cardholder agreement of the particular gift or pre-paid card for additional information.