What is ChaChingo Bingo?

GSN's ChaChingo Bingo is part Bingo, part Lottery, and a whole lot of fun! Every hour of every day there is a free drawing for cold, hard cash! 

Select a number on each of the Bingo balls or if you want to press your luck, click the Auto Pick button to have your numbers automatically selected for you. Once you've made your decision, click Continue to lock in your numbers for that hour's drawing.

To claim a bonus to select an additional set of numbers for the hourly drawing, watch a brief ad and then make your selections.

The cash Jackpot will increase after each drawing that there isn't a Jackpot winner (matches 5 numbers). GSN provides additional Tokens and Oodles bonuses for matching numbers in each drawing:

  • Match 1 Number: 50 Tokens, 5 Oodles
  • Match 2 Numbers: 500 Tokens, 50 Oodles
  • Match 3 Numbers: 5,000 Tokens, 500 Oodles
  • Match 4 Numbers: 50,000 Tokens, 5,000 Oodles
  • Match 5 Numbers: JACKPOT!

In addition to these awesome prizes for participating players, players who are active on the site when any player matches 4 or 5 numbers in a drawing will receive a Group Loot bonus of 500 Tokens and 50 Oodles.