What is the Group Loot Bonus?

The more active you are on the site, the better your chances are of receiving the Group Loot Bonus!

If any ChaChingo Bingo participant matches 4 or 5 numbers on their ChaChingo Bingo card within the hourly drawing, every player (regardless of whether or not they have entered the drawing) who is (i) logged into their account on GSN.com at the time of the drawing and (ii) makes an action on the GSN.com website within 20 minutes prior to the drawing will receive a complimentary Group Loot bonus of 500 Tokens and 50 Oodles!

The following actions on the GSN website are not considered to be "making an action" for purposes of the Group Loot Bonus:

  • Making a post in GSN Player News
  • Starting an Oodles game before the drawing window and ending the game within the drawing window but failing to take action to reload the game or move to another GSN experience
  • Entering a non-Casino, non-Cash game before the drawing window and playing that same continuous game that ends after the drawing window