Why was I charged an additional $1 from WorldWinner®?

You may notice a separate $1 charge on your bank/credit card statement when making your initial deposit to upgrade your account or when adding or editing a credit/debit card within your WorldWinner® account.

This additional $1 charge is just an authorization hold, which is a common practice used with online transactions to verify the billing information. The $1 authorization hold is not a charge, but the issuing bank/credit card company may hold the funds as “unavailable” until the authorization expires.

The authorization hold should disappear once the issuing bank/credit card company releases the hold (usually within 7 business days). Issuing bank/credit card companies of Gift or Pre-Paid cards may take longer to release authorization holds (30-45 business days). Please contact the issuing bank/credit card for further information on their specific time frame for releasing authorization holds.

WorldWinner® is unable to speed up the release of the authorization hold as the verification is automated via the electronic payment processing system.