How am I matched with other players?

Our main goal is to provide a competitive gaming experience that is fun, fair and exciting for all types of players. To do this, WorldWinner® utilizes a unique matching system to ensure that you are competing against available players that are of a similar skill levels to your own.

The matching system continuously takes into account numerous factors when determining how players are matched against one another (in no particular order):

  • How many games you've played
  • How well you've played in specific tournament types
  • Average or Highest scores
  • Amount of money won/lost (win ratio)
  • Availability of opponents of similar skills
  • And other factors...

For all* tournaments, WorldWinner® makes sure the game conditions are similar for all players within the specific tournament. All player matching is conducted before you play your entry, not after the score has been achieved within each tournament. A player's skill level, as determined by the matching system, will differ for each game title.

*There are a few tournament types where the matching system is not utilized to determine how you are matched against your opponent as these are all head-to-head tournaments that are initiated by the participants:

  • Ladders
  • Survivals
  • Player to Player Challenges

In addition to those head-to-head tournaments listed above, the matching system is not utilized in Mega Tournaments.

In Mega Events, players receive points each time they compete in select cash tournaments within 2 or 3 pre-selected game titles. The matching system is used to match players in the tournaments within the 2 or 3 pre-selected game titles that count towards the Mega Event points calculation. The player who earns the highest amount of Mega Event points will earn the big win. 

WorldWinner® is solely in the business of organizing and managing tournaments, and as such, we have no vested interest in the outcome of the tournaments we provide.