How can I improve my scores?

Similar to other skill-based tournaments, players may encounter winning and losing streaks on occasion. If you're playing against multiple opponents, losing several tournaments in a row can easily happen, in the same sense, winning several tournaments in a row can happen as well.

Your success in the tournaments is based entirely on your own skill and game moves within the game. As you can imagine, each player is unique in their own way and as such, there isn't a magical formula that would guarantee improvements but here are some general tips that may help:

  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Play in a variety of tournaments and/or try different games
  • Read the game rules for tips and strategies on how to possibly achieve higher scores
  • Send an eMessage to opponents to see if they would be willing to provide their own tips and strategies
  • Take a break!

Rest assured that WorldWinner® does not control the outcome of tournaments nor do we have the ability to manually implement or adjust winning or losing streaks.