Can I reopen my WorldWinner® account once it's closed?

You may reopen your account at any time, as long as the account was previously closed per your request and the account is in good standing.

If your account was closed per your request and is in good standing, you may reopen your account using the self service functionality. On the WorldWinner® homepage:

  1. Enter the Username and Password for the account you wish to reopen
  2. Click Sign In button
  3. On the following page, reenter the Password for the account
  4. Click Activate button

If successful, your account will be officially reopened and can be accessed at any time moving forward.

If you have any difficulties using the self service functionality to gain access to your account then please contact WorldWinner® Support to request assistance with gaining access to your account. Please make sure to include the username of your account and email address associated with the account in your request to WorldWinner® Support to ensure proper assistance.

General response time to reopen account requests is within 1-2 business days.