What can I do with my Oodles?

You can redeem your Oodles within the GSN Prize Center by clicking the Prizes tab. GSN offers a wide variety of prizes and gifts:

  • Gift Cards, Gift Certificates, Coupons
  • Sweepstakes for Tokens, Oodles, and Game Credits (to be used in GSN Cash Games)
  • Oodles/Tokens Scratch and Win cards
  • Oodlectibles (virtual prizes that add extra "bling" to your Player Profile)
  • Subscriptions to popular magazines
  • GSN merchandise

Featured prizes, that are generally only available for a limited time, are shown on the Prize Center homepage. To view all of the Prizes, Sweepstakes, Auctions and Oodlectibles that are available click Browse All Prizes.

The availability of each prize will vary so it's recommended that players redeem their Oodles for any prize that they really want as it may not be available the next time they visit the GSN Prize Center.