Having problems submitting your second set of numbers in ChaChingo Bingo?

If you encounter difficulties with getting to the 2nd entry:

  • Be patient! (Wait for up to 30 seconds for the Claim Bonus button to appear. If the Claim Bonus button doesn't appear after 30 seconds then refresh the page.)
  • Restart your web session by closing and re-opening your browser window or try a different web browser altogether
  • Disable any pop-up or ad-blocker programs that may be installed within your web browser. (Ad-Block Plus is a commonly used ad-blocking program that has been known to cause our players difficulties with participating in these ad opportunities. If you have Ad-Block Plus or any other ad-blocking software installed, then temporarily disable the program for GSN.com and try again.)

Mobile Users: It is recommended that players do not use a mobile device to attempt to get additional entries as some ad opportunities are not supported/compatible on mobile devices.