Pyramid Solitaire Adventures

Game Goals

The goal of Pyramid Solitaire Adventures is to match all Pyramid cards as quickly as possible.

Game Rules

Click to remove any 2 available cards that add up to 13. Available cards are not covered by another card.

Aces count as 1, Jacks as 11 and Queens as 12. Kings count as 13 and can be removed with one click.

Gems increase your score. The faster you make matches,the more your score will increase.

If you can't make a match, click the draw pile for three more cards.

The Dynamite Button will open the Bonus Cell, but try not to click: If you complete a round without using this extra space, you’ll unearth an artifact.

You can reverse your most recent move by clicking Undo.

To skip to the next round, select End Round at any time.

If you end a round early, you’ll get a Time Bonus based on your matches and the amount of time remaining at the end of the game.

Game Scoring

The player begins with a base score of zero. From that point forward the player gains:

  • A base value of 100 points for each successful match made (26 potential matches per round * 100 points = 2600 possible points per round).
  • The base value of a match is the least valuable gem hidden within the pyramids (Quartz).
  • Gem Bonus: When consecutive matches are strung together, the player’s multiplier increases and the hidden gems they’re searching for become more valuable. See below for more information.
  • Quartz: 1 Match: 1x Multiplier – 100 Points
  • Amethyst: 2 Matches: 2x Multiplier – 200 Points
  • Sapphire: 3 Matches: 3x Multiplier – 300 Points
  • Ruby: 4 Matches: 4x Multiplier – 400 Points
  • Emerald: 5 Matches: 5x Multiplier – 500 Points
  • Diamond: 6 Matches: 6x Multiplier – 600 Points
  • Should the player use the Undo button, their consecutive match count will drop to zero and they will start back at the Quartz gem.
  • Unused Card Bonus: If the player manages to clear all the Pyramid-colored cards without matching all of the (blue-colored) cards in the Draw Pile, 300 bonus points are awarded per unused card. This is displayed in an animation that shows every unused card being converted to points.
  • Unused Bonus Cell: If the player manages to finish a round without using the Bonus Cell, they will receive 1500 bonus points.
  • Time Bonus: If the player manages to solve all three pyramids in the game before time runs out, the game will end and the player will be awarded 10 points for every second remaining on the clock as well as points for matches made. To increase the score differential, these bonus points will be awarded based on 1/5-second intervals (2 points for every .2 seconds remaining on the clock).

Game Controls

  • To deal the next three cards from the deck to the open cells, click on the Draw Pile.
  • Click or drag to move a single card from the tableau to any of the three open cells, or to stack cards from one pile to another.
  • To move a group of cards within the open cells, click on the highest card in the group and drag it to the destination pile – please note that this will only work if the cards in the group are in sequential order from highest value to lowest value.
  • If you click on a non-covered card in any of the three piles or the pyramid tableau, the card will become highlighted for matching or stacking purposes. The player then selects a second uncovered card to complete the match or stack.
  • There will be an Undo button on the bottom-right of the screen. The feature can be used multiple times within the course of a game, but will only reverse the player’s last move. This feature cannot be used to remove multiple moves, a sequence of moves, or the unlocking of the Bonus Cell. The Undo button will be grayed out after use until the player makes a new move. (Note that clicking Undo after unlocking the Bonus Cell will reverse the move made prior to clicking the Dynamite Button).
  • There will be a locked Bonus Cell to the bottom-right of the screen. Clicking the Dynamite Button will unlock it, at which time it operates identically to the other open cells.
  • Click the Music button or press the M key to turn the music on or off.
  • Click the Sound Effects button or press the S key to turn the sound effects on or off.