Game Rules

Clear the puzzle by launching eggs from your slingshot to detonate groups of three or more like-colored eggs. Complete the game by removing multiple rows of eggs within 5 minutes. If you shoot an egg below the warning line, another row will add to your total, so choose your shots carefully!

Use your mouse to aim and left-click to fire eggs. When you break a cluster, those eggs that are left unsupported underneath (hanging eggs) also break, adding valuable points to your score. Watch out for black eggs - they cannot be matched, so find a way to drop them!

Begin the game with a bonus point total of 30,000 points. For each move, your bonus diminishes by 60 points - remember that eggs added by the player do not count for points, so don't waste time building your own combos. Dropped eggs (eggs left hanging below an exploded group) count for 150 points each.

Game Scoring

There are many ways to earn points in Dynomite:

  • Earn 30 points for each egg in every group you detonate.
  • 2X multiplier eggs double the score of combos, dropped eggs and bank bonuses.
  • Earn 150 points for each dropped egg.
  • Get a Bank Bonus for bouncing shots off the side wall! These range from 10-150 points, depending on the distance/difficulty of the banked shot.
  • Bonus Points -Begin with a bonus of 30,000 points. (Each egg fired deducts 60 points, so use as few as possible!)
  • If you finish the puzzle before time runs out, you will receive 100 points for every second remaining on the timer.

Game Strategy

  • Remove eggs that leave other egg clusters unsupported. It's a quick way to remove eggs that are lower and closer to the warning line.
  • Keep an eye out for the 2X multiplier eggs - combine them with dropped eggs and bank bonuses to score BIG!
  • Analyze the game board when you begin. Remember, the fewer moves you use to finish the game, the higher your bonus score will be!
  • Use the arrow to help guide the direction of your shots.
  • Try to finish the game before your time runs out!