NOTE: There are Warm-Up limits in TRIVIAL PURSUIT per our agreement with the distributor of the game. If you haven't made a deposit to upgrade your account, then you would only be able to play up to 60 Warm-Up tournaments in TRIVIAL PURSUIT for the lifetime of your account (until you upgrade). If you upgrade your account by making a deposit then you would be able to play 25 Warm-Up (Free) tournaments in TRIVIAL PURSUIT per day.

No Re-Entry: Due the gameplay style of trivia, players will not be able to re-enter TRIVIAL PURSUIT tournaments.

UPDATE 3/26/20: Players outside of the United States and Canada will not be able to participate in SCRABBLE Cubes and TRIVIAL PURSUIT on or WorldWinner App.

Game Goals
Answer all of the trivia questions correctly as quickly as you can. There are six different categories: Geography, Science & Nature, Arts & Literature, Entertainment, History, Sports & Leisure. Get at least one question right in each category to fill your mover with colored wedges and earn bonus points!

Game Rules
At the beginning of the game, you will see your mover at the beginning of the game path. The mover is a circular game piece with spaces in it to hold six colored wedges. The mover will travel along the game path automatically.

Each space that the mover lands on will trigger a trivia question. There are four kinds of spaces on the game path:

  • Category Spaces trigger a trivia question in the category which corresponds to the color and icon on the space.
  • Mystery Spaces trigger a question from a random category which is not revealed until you land on the space.
  • Split Spaces offer you a choice of two categories. Click or tap on one of the two categories to make your selection.
  • The Final Space enables you to choose any category for your final question. Click or tap on your desired category to select it.

The game path and all of the questions on it (including any Mystery Spaces) are the same for all players in a tournament.

When a question is triggered, you will see a TRIVIAL PURSUIT question card appear. The question will be revealed, and then four answer choices will appear. Once the answers appear, the timer bar above the question will begin shrinking as the timer counts down. The score value of a correct answer gets smaller as the timer bar shrinks, so click or tap your answer as fast as you can.

The first time you get a question correct in a particular category, you will earn a “pie wedge” of the same color as that category. Get all six colored wedges for a score bonus.
If you select the wrong answer, no points are awarded and the correct answer will be revealed. Some questions will also display a Fun Fact after you answer. These Fun Facts have no effect on the game.

After you answer a question and the result of your choice is revealed, your mover will move to the next space and a new question will be triggered. Each time that you get a question right, you can earn a Streak Bonus by getting the next question right as well.

You will receive three power-ups that can each be used once per game:

  • x2 (Doubler) -- This power-up doubles the score value of the question if you get it right. Be sure to use this before the end of the game to grab those extra points!
  • SWAP -- This power-up replaces the current question with a different one from a random category. Use this carefully, because you might not get the category that you want.
  • 50:50 -- This power-up removes two of the incorrect answers. Use it when you’re not sure about an answer and want to narrow down the options.

To activate a power-up, just tap or click on it once the question appears. The power-ups will initially be lit up to show that they are available. Once you use up a power-up, it will become unlit for the remainder of the game and cannot be used again.

You can only activate one power-up per question.

The controls for this game are very simple:
When you land on a Split Space or the Final Space, click or tap to select a question category.
Click or tap to select your desired answer for each question.
To activate a power-up, click or tap on it (Power-Up tournaments only). Each power-up can only be used once per game.

Points are earned in the following ways:

  • Each question that you answer correctly will be worth 1 to 2,000 points, depending on how quickly you answer it. Answer fast for maximum points!
  • You can use the Doubler once per game to earn up to 4,000 points for a correct answer.
  • The first time you answer a question correctly in each category, you will earn the corresponding pie wedge and a Wedge Bonus of 200 points.
  • If you get a correct answer and you also answered the previous question correctly, you will earn a Streak Bonus worth 100 points.
  • Once your mover is full with all six wedges, you will earn a Full Mover Bonus of 200 points plus another 200 points for each correct answer after that. Fill your mover as early as possible for maximum points!

Strategy Tips

  • Use the Split Spaces to select categories that will help you fill your mover as early as possible. The earlier that you fill it, the sooner you can start earning a Full Mover Bonus for every correct answer!
    Look at the path to plan ahead for filling up your mover.
  • Once your mover is full, use the Split Spaces and the Final Space to select whichever categories you think you are best at.
  • Answer each question as fast as you can to earn maximum points.
  • Use the Doubler in every game. Activate it on a question for which you are certain you know the right answer.
  • Use the 50:50 to narrow down the options on a really hard question. If you’re really desperate, you can use SWAP instead to get a new question.

Cash tournaments feature completely different questions than the free tournaments do.

Did You Know?

  • Our game is based on the TRIVIAL PURSUIT board game, which was created in 1979 by two Canadians, Chris Hanley and Scott Abbott.
  • Over 100 million copies of the board game have been sold, in 26 countries and 17 languages!
  • In 1993, the TRIVIAL PURSUIT board game was inducted into the “Games Hall of Fame” by Games magazine.
  • Three different game shows based on TRIVIAL PURSUIT have aired in the United States over the years.