Word Mojo

Game Goal

Move letter tiles to the grid to form intersecting words.

Game Rules

Each game will consist of 6 sets of 7 letters, which appear in the letter bin at the bottom of the screen. Use them to form English words in the grid. Words must be at least 3 letters, but not more than 6 letters. Proper nouns and abbreviations are not permitted. It is okay to make the same word more than once.

Your first word can be placed anywhere in the grid. Thereafter, additional words must intersect existing words in the grid. All tiles placed must form valid words both horizontally and vertically. Letters cannot be placed on top of other letters.

When you place a letter tile on the grid, any word formed will be checked against the dictionary. If you create a valid word, the letters of that word will flash, and your score will go up accordingly.

Until you press the Submit button, any letters that are part of the current set of letters can be moved around the grid or taken off the grid. When you press the Submit button:

Any letters remaining in your letter bin will be removed.
Any letters you have placed in the grid which do not form valid words will be removed.
The rest of the letters from that set will be locked into place.
Any letters from the set which have been placed on the special color squares will be added to the group of letters to the left of the grid, and used during the Mega Mojo bonus round. (You'll read more about the bonus round later.)

You start the game with 180 seconds on the clock. If the clock reaches 0 before you have finished your 6th set, the game acts as if you had pressed the Submit button for the current set. A warning tone plays when you reach 20 seconds left, and warning music plays for the final 10 seconds.

Mega Mojo Bonus Round

Once you have clicked the Submit button for your 6th set of letters - or once your initial 180 seconds have run out - the Mega Mojo bonus round starts. This round uses the Mega Mojo letters, which are those letters you placed on one of the six colored squares in the grid.

Note: if, at the end of the 6th set, you have fewer than three Mega Mojo letters, or if your Mega Mojo letters cannot be rearranged to form a valid word, you will not qualify for the Mega Mojo bonus round. Instead, your game will end at this point.

You will have 30 seconds to rearrange your Mega Mojo letters to make the longest and highest-scoring word that you can. If you create a six-letter word, you have created a Mega Mojo, a triumph of Word Mojo achievement.


In 2-Player Word Mojo tournaments, both players will receive the exact same 42 letters (6 sets times 7 letters per set) in the exact same order. Also, the six colored squares will appear in the same place in the grid for both players.

In larger tournaments, all players will receive different sets of letters. However, the total value of the 42 letters will be the same, or nearly the same, for all players.

In both types of tournaments, letter selection will be governed by a number of rules.
Letters will appear with the same frequency as they do in English words. For example, you will see far more E's and T's than Q's and Z's.
You can never get a set which consists only of vowels or only of consonants.
The first set will always contain at least one valid word.

Game Controls

To place a letter, click and drag it from the letter bin to the grid.

To move a letter that has already been placed in the grid, click and drag it to a new location. Letters placed during previous sets are fixed and cannot be moved.

Double-click or Shift-click any already-placed letter from the current set to return it to the letter rack.

Click the Submit button to complete the set and move on to the next set (or, in the case of the 6th set, to move on to the Mega Mojo bonus round).

During the Mega Mojo bonus round, click and drag letters from the upper letter bin to the lower area for creating your bonus word.

Click the Clear button, during either the main game or during the Mega Mojo bonus round, to move all movable letters back to the letter bin.

Click the Shuffle button, during either the main game or during the Mega Mojo bonus round, to rearrange the order of the letters in the bin.

Game Scoring

Your score is displayed both as a number in the Score window and as a graphical display in the red meter above the Score window.

Each letter has a value between 10 and 50 points:

10 Points - A, E, I, O, U
20 Points - D, L, N, R, S, T
30 Points - C, F, G, H, M, P
40 Points - B, K, V, W, Y
50 Points - J, Q, X, Z

When you create a valid word, you get the sum of the point values of all the letters in that word. For example, if you created the word "HEAR", you'd get 30+10+10+20, or 70 points.

NOTE: When you add letters to an existing word, you get points for all the existing letters plus the newly-added letter or letters! For example, if you added a "T" to the word "HEAR" that you'd already made, to make the word "HEART", you'd get the 70 points in "HEAR" plus the 20 points for the "T", for a total of 90 points.

Any time you create a valid 6-letter word, you get a bonus of 100 points.

Any time you successfully use all 7 letters in the set, you get a bonus of 50 points.

During the Mega Mojo bonus round, you can get a bonus added to your score. This bonus is the sum of the points in your Mega Mojo word, times a multiplier based on the length of that word:

3-letter words - no multiplier
4-letter words - letter values times 2
5-letter words - letter values times 3
6-letter words - letter values times 4

Game Strategy

Remember that, unlike games such as Scrabble, you can make more than one word with each set of 7 letters. For example, if your first set of letters was N-A-T-O-N-I-R, you could make TORN going across, and then make RAIN going down from the R in TORN.

Get extra points by reusing existing letters. For example, try to make words that you can add onto, such as words that can be pluralized by adding an "S", or a word like "BAKE" to which you can add a "D" or an "R".

Try to get as many bonuses as possible. Remember that you get a 100-point bonus for each 6-letter word, and a 50-point bonus for using all the letters in a set.

Try to place a letter on all 6 colored squares, so that you'll have as many letters as possible going into the Mega Mojo bonus round.


When placing letters on the colored squares, try to ensure that you'll have both vowels and consonants available for the Mega Mojo bonus round.

If you're stuck in the Mega Mojo bonus round, use the Shuffle button. The new arrangement of letters might help you see a word you weren't seeing before.