Vegas Nights 2

Game Goals

Score as many points as you can by arranging the pieces into lines of three (or more) in a row!

Game Scoring

Points for matching is based on the size of the group of pieces removed in a match. A group is defined as a number of matching pieces which are adjacent, either vertically or horizontally, in a configuration with at least 3 like pieces in a row. This means five pieces which are horizontally adjacent will score the same amount of points as five pieces arranged in an L or T formation. A group of three pieces awards 100 points, a group of four pieces awards 500 points, a group of five pieces awards 1,000 points. Groups of size greater than five award 1,000 points plus 1,000 points per additional piece in the group (e.g. a group of size 7 awards 3,000 points). This base amount of points is then multiplied by the current multiplier before it is added to the total score. For example, a match of 4 pieces at multiplier level 3x awards 1500 total points (500 x 3).

When a cherry bomb is detonated it awards 500 points plus additional points if it was detonated by another cherry bomb exploding. When cherry bombs explode each other they award an additional 100 points per cherry bomb exploded in the chain. For example, if a cherry bomb explodes a second cherry bomb then 500 points are awarded for the first bomb and 600 points are awarded for the second bomb. If the second bomb then causes a third bomb to explode then the third bomb would award 700 points. Points awarded by cherry bombs are multiplied by the current multiplier just like matches.
Points are also awarded for destroying pieces with certain boosts. 100 points are awarded for each piece destroyed by either the Magic Wand boost or the Rocket boost. These points are NOT multiplied by the current multiplier.

When time is up special pieces on the board, coins and cherry bombs, are destroyed. Coins are destroyed first and 100 points are given for each coin removed in this way. Cherry bombs are then detonated and award points as normal. Unused boosts at the end of the game are worth 500 points.

Game Controls

Click a piece to select it. It will be highlighted. Next, click a piece above, below, to the left, or to the right of the selected piece. They will swap positions. If the swap creates a group of three or more in a row of the same gem, the group will be removed. If not, an error sound will play and the two pieces will swap back.

With Multi-Swap you can also swap multiple pieces in line at the same time, if you swap fast enough.

If you select a piece and then change your mind, click on it again to unselect it.

You may also swap pieces by clicking on one and dragging it with your mouse in the direction you'd like to move it.