Wheel of Fortune®

Game Goals

Try to solve the puzzle phrase before the Speed Bonus timer reaches zero. Additionally, solve the bonus round phrase to earn extra points.

Game Rules

Get ready to spin the wheel! As the world's most popular game show, the game play of Wheel Of Fortune is likely very familiar. In order to make this version fair for all players, however, please note that some things work differently from the show. For one, this version features two rounds: a main puzzle round, and then a bonus round. The values of the wedges on the wheel are also different than the ones on the current show. In addition, the value of the bonus round has changed and is now worth $1000. All these differences are designed to bring a balanced experience to all players, but the general game play is still the same: spin the wheel, pick your letters, and solve the puzzle!

The game begins in the Main Round with a series of lighted panels displayed on the screen. These lighted panels represent letters in a puzzle phrase. Beneath the panels, a clue to the puzzle will be given. At the bottom of the screen is a wheel with point values ranging from $300 to $1000.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: All point values in the game are displayed as dollar amounts in order to retain the style of the television game show. However, please be aware that these dollar amounts are for scoring purposes only and do not constitute actual prizes. Tournament prizes are displayed on the tournament selection page seen before the game begins and are not increased by the number of points players earn during the game.]

To earn points, spin the wheel and then select a consonant. If that consonant is contained in the puzzle phrase, all instances of the letter will be revealed, and you will receive the amount of points shown on the wheel for each instance of the letter.

If the letter that you selected is not part of the puzzle phrase, your turn counter will go down by one and no points will be scored for that letter. You begin the game with five turns. If the turn counter reaches zero, the game ends. The turn counter does not go down when you select a letter that is in the puzzle phrase.

After each selection, you may spin the wheel again to obtain a new point value. After each spin of the wheel, a 15-second timer will appear. If you do not select a consonant before the 15-second timer expires, you will lose a turn.

There are three wedges on the wheel which do not help you to score points:

If the wheel stops on the Lose a Turn wedge, your turn counter will go down by one.
If the wheel lands on the Bankrupt wedge, your score will be reduced to zero.
In either case, you will need to spin the wheel again before you may select a consonant.

You may also select a vowel instead of spinning the wheel. However, vowels must be "bought" using your points. Choosing to buy a vowel will decrease your score by $250, and no points are scored for successfully choosing vowels. You may not buy a vowel if your current score is less than $250.

If you are able to figure out what the puzzle phrase is after choosing a letter, you may solve it by tapping on the "Solve" button. Once you have tapped "Solve" you will have 30 seconds to enter the correct phrase. If you do not submit the correct answer before the 30-second timer runs out, you will lose a turn.

You can enter the solution using the strip of letters that appears near the bottom of the screen. Tap on the letter that should appear in the highlighted panel. The next empty panel will highlight. If you need to go back to a previous panel, tap on it or hit the backspace button. The solution will be accepted automatically if it is correct.

At the beginning of each turn, you will have 10 seconds to take your next action. You may spin the wheel, buy a vowel (if you have at least $250), or try to solve the puzzle. If you do not choose an action before the 10-second timer expires, you will lose a turn.

In the top of the screen is a Speed Bonus timer. The Speed Bonus timer begins at $5000 and counts down at a rate of $25 per second. If the timer reaches $0 before the main puzzle is solved, the bonus round will not be worth $1000. If you successfully solve the main puzzle phrase before the Speed Bonus timer expires, the amount shown on the Speed Bonus timer will be added to your score, and the game will then advance to the Bonus Round.

Bonus Round Rules

The Bonus Round begins with a new set of lighted panels displayed on the screen. These panels represent a new puzzle phrase. The wheel is not used in the bonus round. Instead, the letters R, S, T, N, L, and E are automatically revealed if they are part of the bonus puzzle. You are then given the opportunity to select three more consonants and one more vowel. If any of those letters are contained in the bonus puzzle, they will be revealed as well.

Once you have selected your four letters, you will have 30 seconds to solve the bonus puzzle and tap the SUBMIT button.

If you solve it correctly, a bonus of $1000 will be added to your score and the game ends. If you do not solve the bonus puzzle correctly before the timer expires, the game ends and you do not receive a score bonus.

Game Controls

The game controls are as follows:

To spin the wheel, click the "Spin" button, click the wheel, or press the spacebar.
To select a consonant, click on it in the list of letters or press it on your keyboard. During the Main Round, you must spin the wheel before selecting a consonant.
To buy a vowel, click on it in the list of letters or press it on your keyboard. During the Main Round, you must have a score of at least $250 in order to buy a vowel.
Letters that have already been selected will be grayed-out and cannot be selected again.
To solve the puzzle, click on "Solve" or press Enter. Then fill in the blank spaces in the puzzle by typing the missing letters on your keyboard or using your mouse to select the letters.You may move between blank spaces by using the mouse, arrow keys, spacebar, tab, or backspace key. You may solve the puzzle at any time after selecting a vowel or consonant and prior to the next wheel spin. You may also press the ESC key or tap "Cancel" to quit solving the puzzle and return to the game (you will lose a turn).

Game Scoring

During the Main Round, you score the amount shown on the wheel each time you correctly select a consonant. The amount shown is awarded for each instance of the letter in the puzzle phrase. For example, if you select the letter "M" and there are four Ms in the puzzle phrase, you will score four times the amount shown on the wheel.

Your score is reduced by $250 for each vowel that you buy. The number of times the vowel appears in the puzzle phrase does not increase the cost. There could be zero instances of the vowel or there could be many - either way you pay just $250.

If you successfully solve the puzzle phrase in the Main Round, you will receive a Speed Bonus based on how long it took you to solve the puzzle. The Speed Bonus begins at $5000 and counts down at a rate of $25 per second. If you do not solve the Main Round puzzle within 200 seconds, the game ends and you do not receive a bonus.

No points are earned for choosing letters during the Bonus Round. However, if you successfully solve the Bonus Round puzzle, you receive a bonus of $1000 to your score.


In order to reduce the element of luck in the game, spins of the wheel are not actually random. Instead, the Main Round has a specific set of spins associated with it. All players trying to solve that puzzle will receive the exact same set of spins. In order to remain fair, the wheel spins for the same amount of time with each and every spin, and therefore, all players experience the same effect on their time bonus.

Encountering  "Please Rotate Your Device" message?

Some users have reported encountering a "Please Rotate Your Device" message when playing Wheel of Fortune on their desktop/laptop computer. If you are playing the game in Full Screen mode, adjust the browser window to a smaller size and that should hopefully resolve the issue.