Bejeweled® Blitz: Rubies and Riches

Game Goals

Score as many points as you can by arranging the gems into lines of three (or more) in a row!
Game Rules

In Bejeweled® Blitz: Rubies and Riches, your basic goal is to swap pairs of gems in order to create sets of three or more, just as in any other version of Bejeweled. Since Bejeweled® Blitz: Rubies and Riches gives you only one minute, it's all about speed, strategy, and making the best moves in every moment to score as high as you can in a very short time.

The board is an 8 x 8 grid of gems. When you swap gems to make sets of three or more, the matched gems disappear, allowing more gems to fall into place from above. Matches of 4 or more create powerful Special Gems.

Special Gems

Making matches of particular types converts gems into Special Gems:

Flame Gems are created by matching a set of four gems. Flame Gems explode when matched, destroying themselves along with all eight surrounding gems.

Hypercubes are created by making a line of five gems. Hypercubes can be matched to any adjacent gem regardless of color, and doing so destroys all gems of that color on the board. This is a great way to detonate a Multiplier Gem that is not near any sets of its own color!

Star Gems are created by making a T- or L-shaped match. Star Gems, when matched, destroy all gems along vertical and horizontal lines from their own position.

Multiplier Gems are created by clearing a nine or more gems at the same time. Once you have a Multiplier Gem on the board, match it as quickly as possible to multiply your score for the rest of the game. There are up to eight Multiplier Gems you can earn per game if you're fast enough with your matches!


When you make a match, new gems fall in from above. Sometimes those gems themselves match as soon as they land. This is a cascade, and it counts toward the original match. Cascades can stack; that is, a cascade can trigger another cascade, which can trigger another cascade, and so on.


To the left of the game board is a Hint button. Clicking it will indicate a match somewhere on the board. Clicking the Hint button costs you nothing other than time.

Game Controls

Click a gem to select it. It will be highlighted. Next, click a gem above, below, to the left, or to the right of the selected gem. They will swap positions. If the swap creates a group of three or more in a row of the same gem, the group will be removed. If not, an error sound will play and the two gems will swap back.

If you select a gem and then change your mind, click on it again to unselect it.

You may also swap gems by clicking on one and dragging it with your mouse in the direction you'd like to move it.

Game Scoring

For creating a match, a base score of 250 points is awarded. If multiple matches are made from a single move (either simultaneously, or due to a chain reaction) then a base score for those additional matches is awarded as follows:

2nd match: 250
3rd match: 500
4th match: 750
5th match: 1000

Also, a bonus is added to the base score for each match based on the number of gems in the match:

4 gems: +250
5 gems: +500
6 gems: +750

Additionally, if any Flame Gems are detonated during the collapse, they add the following amounts:
+100 per normal gem within blast radius

When a Hypercube is used for a swap, it does not create a match. Instead, it destroys the gem that it was swapped with and all gems of the same color as that gem. Points are awarded as followed:

250 points for the Hyper Cube itself
250 points for each normal gem