Swipe Hype

Game Goal

Score as many points as you can by making matches and completing each level's Goal as quickly as possible.

Each level will appear as a grid of colored pieces. Click and drag over a group of matching pieces to select them. Release the drag to remove the selected pieces, earning points and potentially creating a Bomb.

After removing matched pieces, the remaining pieces on the board will fall down to fill in the gaps. New pieces will drop in at the top of the board to keep the grid full. Each level has a Goal you must achieve before moving on to a new level.

Goal Types

Each level has 1 of 4 Goals, and you can always see your current progress at the bottom of the game window. The 4 different Goals are:

Score Points - match pieces to score the required number of points.

Collect Colors - make a certain number of matches using a specific color or colors.

Drop Cereal - Cereal Os will appear at the top of the board. Match the pieces below the Cereal to drop the Os to the bottom of the board.

Remove Milk - Certain grid squares contain Milk. Make matches within these squares to remove the Milk. It takes 2 matches to remove Chocolate Milk.

Leveling Up

Complete a Goal to earn bonus points and move on to a new level. Complete 4 levels to launch the rocket ship and move to a new World. Higher levels award a higher point bonus for completion, but are more difficult as new colors are added to the grid.

Match 4 - 7 pieces to create a Horizontal Bomb, Vertical Bomb, or Square Bomb. The type of Bomb created is based the position of the last two pieces in a match.

If the last 2 pieces are side-by-side, you'll get a Horizontal Bomb.

If the last 2 pieces are on top of one another, you'll get a Vertical Bomb.

If the last 2 pieces are diagonal from one another, you'll get a Square Bomb.

Bombs always take the place of the last piece in the match, and retain the color of the pieces that were matched. Detonate a bomb by including it in a match!

A Horizontal Bomb destroys all pieces in the same row as the Bomb.

A Vertical Bomb destroys all pieces in the same column.

A Square Bomb destroys all adjacent pieces,including diagonal pieces.

Match 8 or more pieces to create a powerful Color Bomb. Color Bombs act as WILDS and detonate when matched with a piece of any color! When detonated, all pieces identical to the ones matched are cleared from the board.

Bomb Combos

Another, more powerful way to detonate Bombs is to combine them. Simply match any 2 adjacent bombs,regardless of color, to detonate.

Combine 2 Horizontal Bombs, 2 Vertical Bombs, or 1 of each to destroy all pieces in the same row AND column.

Combine a Horizontal Bomb or Vertical Bomb with a Square Bomb to get a horizontal or vertical explosion AND a square explosion.

Combine 2 Square Bombs to destroy all pieces in a 5 x 5 radius from the swipe.

Combine a Color Bomb with any other Bomb to change all the pieces of the Bomb's color to a Bomb of that type. All the new Bombs will immediately detonate!

Combine 2 Color Bombs to clear all the pieces on the board!


Each piece in a match awards 50 points.

Creating a Bomb awards 100 points.

Creating a Color Bomb awards 200 points.

Detonating a Bomb awards 300 points.

Detonating a Color Bomb awards 600 points.

Combining 2 Bombs awards 600 points.

Combining a Bomb and a Color Bomb awards 900 points.

Combining 2 Color Bombs awards 4,000 points.

Completing a Goal awards 1,000 points plus 1,000 points for each level previously completed, so completing the 4th level in each World awards 4,000 points.


Make lots of Bombs and combine them! Combining Bombs, especially Color Bombs, not only awards more points but usually helps you complete the current Goal.

Extra Bombs explode! At the end of each level, any leftover Bombs will detonate and score you points, so try making lots of Bombs before you complete the Goal.

Don't forget the Goal. You'll score more bonus points as you progress to higher levels, so try to complete the Goal as quickly as possible.