Tetris® Burst

Game Goals

The rainforest awaits! Play a three-minute game of Tetris® Burst and try to earn as many points as possible.

Game Rules

There are seven different Tetriminos that fall into a rectangular Matrix. As Tetriminos fall, you can rotate, move, or drop them into place. Once a row of cells is completely filled with Blocks, the line is cleared from the Matrix, and points are scored. The more efficiently you clear lines from the Matrix the higher your score.

Earn bonuses with simultaneous Tetris™ Line Clears, T-Spins, and Back-to-Back actions.

There are two game modes available:

Tetris Burst with Power-ups - Fill your Juice Meter and activate the Juice Wave, Double Up, and Mino Shower power-ups!

Tetris Burst - No power-ups (or pulp). Still juicy though!

In addition, there are two difficulty settings available for each tournament - easy and hard. The only difference is the speed at which the Tetriminos fall.

Game Controls (Web Version)


Slide the mouse left or right to move the falling Tetrimino.

The Tetrimino and Ghost Piece will rotate based on the position of the mouse pointer.

Click to Hard Drop a Tetrimino into place.


Use the left and right arrow keys to move the falling Tetrimino.

Use the up arrow key or X to rotate the Tetrimino clockwise.

Use the Z key to rotate counter clockwise.

Use the space bar to hard drop a Tetrimino into place.

Use the down arrow key to soft drop a Tetrimino.

Use C or shift to store a falling Tetrimino for later.
Keyboard power-ups:

Use 1 to activate a Juice Wave.

Use 2 to activate a Double Up.

Use 3 to activate a Mino Shower.

Game Controls (Mobile Version)

Tetris Burst offers two different control options for mobile players, Smart Controls and Swipe Controls. The game defaults to Smart Controls. If desired, it can be switched to Swipe Controls using the toggle switch in the game options (available from the Start Screen).
Smart Controls:
  • Tap and hold the screen to see the ghost piece.
  • Drag the piece to determine the best fit in the position where you would like to place it.
  • The ghost piece will rotate automatically to fit. Drag close to the blocks that are on screen to view more precise rotation and placement options.
  • Once you have positioned the ghost piece where you want it, take your finger off the screen to drop the Tetrimino into place.
  • Tap on the Hold box (near the top left of the screen) to hold a piece for later. Tap again to release it back onto the board. 
  • In power-up mode, tap the lit-up power-up buttons to activate them.
Swipe Controls:
  • The Tetrimino will begin falling normally.
  • Tap the left side of the screen to rotate the piece counterclockwise. Tap the right side to rotate it clockwise.
  • Swipe left to move the piece one column to the left. Swipe right to move it to the right.
  • Drag downward to "soft drop" the piece. (This moves it downward without fully dropping it.)
  • Flick downward to "hard drop" the piece (locking it into place immediately).
  • Flick upward or tap on the Hold box to hold a Tetrimino. Do it again to release the piece. (Note that you can't release a piece right after you hold it -- you'll have to place a Tetrimino in between.)
  • In power-up mode, tap the lit-up power-up buttons to activate them.

Game Scoring

Score points with Single, Double, and Triple Tetris Line Clears, as well as T-Spins and Mini T-Spins. Soft and Hard Drops also award points. There's a special bonus for Back-to-Backs, which is when two actions like a Tetris Line Clear and T-Spin Double are performed without a Single, Double, or Triple Line Clear occurring between them.

  • Single - 100 points - 1 line of Blocks is cleared.
  • Double - 300 points - 2 lines of Blocks are simultaneously cleared.
  • Triple - 500 points - 3 lines of Blocks are simultaneously cleared.
  • Tetris™ Line Clear - 800 points - 4 lines of Blocks are simultaneously cleared.
  • Mini T-Spin - 100 points - An easier T-Spin with no Line Clear.
  • Mini T-Spin Single - 200 points - An easier T-Spin clearing 1 line of Blocks.
  • T-Spin - 400 points - T-Tetrimino is spun into a T-Slot with no Line Clear.
  • T-Spin Single - 800 points - T-Spin clearing 1 line of Blocks.
  • T-Spin Double - 1200 points - T-Spin simultaneously clearing 2 lines of 10 Blocks.
  • T-Spin Triple - 1600 points - T-Spin simultaneously clearing 3 lines of 10 Blocks.

Score even more points by Soft Dropping, Hard Dropping, and performing Back-to-Backs and All Clears.


Check out our fresh-squeezed power-ups in Tetris Burst! Clear lines on the Matrix to gradually fill the Juice Meter and unlock power-ups.

To trigger a power-up, click an active power-up button.

There are 3 power-ups:

  • Mino Shower - Completely fills the matrix with Minos, and then instantly clears them all!
  • Double Up - Doubles the points you earn over a 10-second period
  • Juice Wave - Unleashes a wave of juice that clears the bottom four lines of the Matrix.

It takes six line clears to fill each tier of the power-up meter. So that's a total of six line clears for Juice Wave, twelve for Double-Up, and eighteen for Mino Rain.

Game Ending

There are three ways that the game can end - a Lock Out, Block Out, or Time Out.

If a Tetrimino locks down outside the play area at the top, the game is over due to a Lock Out.

If a Tetrimino is created and overlaps with at least one Block in the play area, the game is over due to a Block Out.

Otherwise, the game ends when time is up (a Time Out).

Game Strategy

Tetris Line Clears are the simplest way to rack up lots of points! Drop an I-Tetrimino into a deep well to clear four lines at once.

Learn how to land T-Spins! Land a T-Tetrimino, then quickly rotate it into a T-Slot before it locks.

Form Combos by getting multiple Line Clears in a row and watch the points roll in.

Perform Back-to-Backs by setting up multiple high-scoring actions in a row, like Tetris Line Clears and T-Spin Line Clears.

Saving up for a Mino Shower is a great way to earn a lot of points, but if you're fast and have a stack of potential rows ready, the Double Up power-up can be the smarter move.

Learn how to boost your Tetris Burst score with tips and strategy advice from the experts here.